five friday faves


I think I’m about to do that cliché thing bloggers do (so millennial of me) and write about five of my favorite things. And to make it grammatically cute, it’s also Friday, so it’s a perfect alliteration. Without further ado, here are my five fun friday faves – things I’m currently enjoying or finding incredibly helpful in life.

  1. Mom Enough – I can’t say enough good things about this book. I am only halfway through, but it has already been a breath of fresh air for my heart. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels like we as mamas in this technology rich, social-media-saturated-culture have way too many influences telling us how to be a good mom. This book reminds me that the only voice to listen to is God’s voice. It’s actually freeing to admit that I will never be enough for my kid(s)…it means I don’t have to strive because God is infinitely enough. This book is not necessarily a pat-on-the-back, you’re-doing-great type of book, but its encouragement comes in the constant reminder of the holiness of motherhood. It’s a call to lean on the Gospel and into a God who is more than enough and all we need. Bonus? It’s a collection of short essays, so if you’re like me and have a habit of starting a book, not reading it for a week, and picking it back up again, you won’t feel lost. Another bonus? I’m actually not having that problem with this book. It’s that good.
  2. Diaper clutch from GoldenFinchCo – Adorable. Useful. Chic. This diaper clutch is the best. It perfectly fits about 3 diapers and a pack of wipes, and it has two little pockets for a changing pad and your phone or hand sanitizer. It’s so easy just to grab this clutch to change your babe or toddler instead of lugging an oversized diaper bag to a tiny bathroom in a crowded restaurant. Seriously, this will simplify your life. The incredible selection of top-quality fabric will maybe do the miraculous and make you excited about changing a poopy diaper….okay, that could be a stretch. But this is absolutely worth every penny. Bonus? My dear friend Peggy started this business with her mom about a year ago. They have a ton of other handmade and stylish baby items available in their shop, and they generously donate 10% of all their sales to Compassion International. Worth. It. Give them a follow on Instagram to see more.il_570xn-1013336575_eese
  3. Get To Work Book – I’ve always loved a good planner, and this one is perfect. My favorite part of the Get To Work Book is that it has clean lines and is entirely in black and white, because life is already busy enough, I don’t want my planner to add to the crazy. This is another business started by a mama just a couple of years ago, and I think that in and of itself is worth supporting. There are plenty of pages for goal setting life-planning. I use mine for work projects, home-life, and meal-planning. It’s just enough, but not too much. If you’re still in the market for 2017, head over and check them out. I think there’s even a shipping discount because we’re already halfway through January (yikes). get_to_work_book
  4. Lipstick – I know, if you know me, this might come as a surprise. I’m surprising myself. But on the 2-3 days of the week that I actually put on makeup, I’ve added lipstick to my routine (that lasts all of about 4.5 minutes until little lady toddler wants to “see, see, see”). I’ve always had pale lips, so it’s just been fun experimenting with different subtle lipstick tones that make me feel like my lips won’t disappear into the rest of my face. I only have 2 colors that I picked up at Target. No expert here, so if anyone is, feel free to share tips. Basically, it’s just fun and I feel feminine and maybe a little fancy. And that’s really nice in this stage of life where taking a shower alone is a total luxury.
  5. Sorel Slippers – These slippers are more like shoes, but they’re still slippers. The best of both worlds. They are fuzzy, stylish, and functional. AND they’re on sale right now at REI. Enough said. Go treat yo-self.


P.S. A little disclaimer to all 4 of my followers (ha)…I don’t get any kickback from these links. Right now, I’m simply sharing the things I like. I hope it’s helpful and/or fun. I’ve found quite a few great things by reading other blogs like this one, so I thought it was worth a shot. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “five friday faves

  1. this made me smile so much! 🙂 also, i have been dragging my feet but i think i need to start a so-called “editorial calendar” for my blog.

    we should email about stuff. p.s. are you doing year of creativity?

    1. Haha, thanks Lisa! I was actually thinking about scheduling some kind of calendar that keeps me on track writing-wise, too. I’ll email you. And yes, I’m doing the YOC! I started late, so I’m a little behind. Are you doing it?

  2. Oh …all so helpful AND useful!! I wish they had all these wonderful things when I was a new mama!!! Proud of you! …Pls teach me how to put on lipstick!!😂😘

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