dear husband.


Dear husband,

I just want you to know something. I love you. I love you deep like the ocean. I love you big like the sky. I love you fierce like a lion. I love you.

I mean you. are. my. hero. Seriously. I am so thankful for you. It’s been quite the year, and the girl you married may have gotten stuck in April of 2014. You know her? Yeah, the one who had energy and sass and was always up for adventure. Ok, I didn’t lose much sass, but definitely some of the energy. That got swallowed up in morning sickness until late September, then overshadowed by a big belly until late January, and in the last 12 weeks it’s been muffled by baby cries and night feedings and covered in spit up. Oh the spit up. It’s my new perfume, but you don’t mind.

In fact, you don’t mind any of it. At all. It sometimes doesn’t make sense to me, but love, the real kind, it’s always irrational. Thanks for working hard. For sacrificing. For your selflessness. Thanks for fighting for our marriage. For demanding date night. For helping me loosen my grip on things that don’t matter and hold on tightly do the things that really do. Thanks for giving me so much grace.

Remember those 20 hours of labor? I felt scared out of my mind, and you were ever so steady and reassuring. You reminded me I was brave. And strong. And you prayed. With me and for me. And when things didn’t go how I thought they would, you encouraged me, you fought for me, you loved me so well. YOU are the one who is strong. And brave. See what I mean? You’re my hero. You haven’t stopped fighting and praying and being brave and strong and tender. You, dear husband, are a good man.

So, I just want to remind you, because maybe it hasn’t been as obvious or as clear or as loud in the last three months, I LOVE YOU.

Your love has changed me. And loving you has changed me. And I’m wildly thankful and humbled daily that Jesus gave me a man, a partner, a best friend like you.

your wife.

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