a new chapter.

I started this blog earlier this year to chronicle my thoughts as I trained for my first marathon. Seeing as how I STILL haven’t written a recap of marathon race day, I probably didn’t do a very good job… But, because of that, this whole thing started as primarily a running blog. There will still be plenty of posts about running I’m sure. But now, 6 months later, I wanted to broaden the subject matter a bit for a few reasons. One, I love writing and think it needs to become a habit. I’ve dabbled in blogging since college, but I’ve never been the best at consistency. I want to change that, which brings my to my next point. I think I’m finally in a place to blog consistently. (Famous last words, I know.) Three, I do absolutely love running, but there is so much more to my life. I want to write about my family, my faith, and my thoughts as I embark on motherhood. My hope is that I can blog authentically and honestly and in doing so encourage other wives, friends, runners, and moms to live in the awesome grace of Jesus. So…here we go! Onto the next chapter. Thanks again for reading.DSC_1021

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