back on the track

Friday was my first day back on the track in 5 years. CRAZY how time flies. It wasn’t a fast workout, I didn’t feel particularly in shape or smooth, but it was nothing short of a miracle to get out there and pound out 5×800’s. Wind in my hair, lungs on fire. And I remembered how much I love that feeling of completing a good, hard effort. SO good. So, so good. It was a beautiful and exceptionally warm day, so I dug some shorts and a tank top out of my drawer (they were buried pretty deep after 2 weeks of snow, ice and single digit (below and above 0*) temperatures. The sun felt amazing, and the workout was even better because my sweet Man came out to run diagonals across the football field to cheer me on.  Can’t explain how much that meant to me. Those were some good moments. And I’m feeling hungry for more of that track…and so thankful to Jesus for this slow but steady progress.

Random side note: Thanks to the sweet office lady at Centaurus HS who let me jump the fence of their track to get in my workout. 🙂 There really are good people in this world.


Hubs captured this photo during his cheering sesh. 🙂 #whataguy

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