for the love of the run

I felt a lot of pressure as I was pondering what to write for my first post. How can I start with a bang? I don’t know, but I finally decided to just write about life. Because it’s something we all have in common. I’ll write about progress. About the journey, of running and of life. Ups and downs, victories and defeats. For my first post, I’ll write about the love of the run. Because sometimes, that’s all the reason we need to get out and pound the pavement in the fresh outdoor air.

It’s been a little over 4 years since I was laying in a hospital bed, unable to move after spinal fusion surgery. Yesterday, I ran. I ran without pain. I ran for the love of the run. Free, grateful, felt like I was floating. There are some days when I’m just extra thankful for how far the Lord has brought me since that surgery day. The months leading to it were hard and humbling. The months following were painstakingly slow. Two steps forward, one step back. But that’s life. And life is beautiful. Never will I forget the sweetness of breaking down and finally coming to terms with this truth: we weren’t meant to do life alone. We’re meant to do life together, and we’re made for total dependence on Jesus. Dependence sets us free. It means we have help, accountability, and friendship. These were my thoughts as I was running yesterday, humbled that God would give me another chance to enjoy the gift of this beautiful sport, thankful I could get out, just for the love of the run.


…10 days after surgery (January 2009)…


…and today I felt like this again, floating (an oldie but a goodie from Indoor Conference 2008)… 🙂 

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